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  • Sneak Preview Dec 2013
    Last Sunday was a hoot! We didn't expect so many to turn up, but it went well, and there was enough food for all. Thank you to all those that participated in the closed event, as well as those that came on the 3 days! 
    We found out that Coloretto seemed to attract one particular group who played it for nearly 3 hours straight, whereas the games like King of tokyo, Flash Point, Hanabi and Tzol'kin had their fans...
  • Unboxing Day 2013 [First Session]
    It's been an interesting day as the day started off with preparing the food and tables, along with the unboxing arrangements for the day. We were not sure what to expect, but our fears were set aside once the guests started coming in around 1pm. 
    Our master planner had already started off the first two guests with "Battlestar Galactica" and soon, he was expertly co-ordinating the rest of the guests with boxes and sleeving materials. To sweeten the experience,...
  • Unboxing Session Eve
    I can't wait for the new boardgames to come in. You can check out the list of rental games coming in for the unboxing session this weekend under "Rentals" on our website. Starwars and Rex are definitely coming to me first. I heard about some mana potions and health potions being prepared for the event. Not sure how its brewed, but i guess Mr. C will be the one to "beta test" it first. 
    At the same time, check...
  • In the Beginning...
    It's been a rush, trying to prep up for the opening, and the feedback we've been getting from boardgamers are indeed encouraging. So far everything has been fine and dandy, and we haven't actually encountered any snags at the moment.  The first set of games will be coming in on the 24th, for the unboxing session we have for our selected guests. Hopefully there will be enough food for the volunteers, nothing is scarier than hungry boardgamers. 
  • Concept behind "All Aboard"
    Vintage 2.png
    To be filled. Sorry folks, we're busy setting up the place for you guys!
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