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  • Love Letter
    Calvin Love Letter.jpg 2014-3-26-20:28:36
    There is intrigue at court!
    Love Letter is a light card game for 2 to four players. As the name implies, each player seeks to deliver their declaration to the lovely Princess Annette – but who to entrust it with? The stalwart Guard? The reliable Handmaid? The fickle Countess?
    Love Letter’s rules are extremely simple: Draw a card, play a card. The game is entirely about timing and educated guesswork - knowing which card to play and who to...
  • 7 Wonders : A fun game for all
    7 Wonders.jpg
    All Aboard’s game of the week is 7 Wonders!
    A card game for 2 to 7 players, 7 Wonders casts its players as a leader of the ancient world, guiding their civilization on the path to glory.
    In each round, players are dealt seven cards, consisting of resources, trade routes, or even armies. Of these seven, they choose one to play immediately, and then pass the remaining cards tone opponent. In this way, 7 Wonders forces you to...
  • Lord of the Rings: Confrontation!
    Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation (Deluxe Edition).jpg
    Set in the realms of Middle Earth, Confrontation sets 2 players in conflict for the One Ring as either the Fellowship, playing as Gandalf, Frodo and, of course, Legolas – or the forces of Sauron.
    Featuring an extremely simple ruleset that can be taught in minutes, Confrontation instead emphasizes cunning and outthinking your opponent. The player’s units are hidden by plastic stands, making each move a series of bluffs and counterbluffs that will keep you constantly guessing as to...
  • Game of the week (Feb 9th - 15th)
    Calvin Wong Suburbia.jpg
    Build a city with your loved one!
    If you loved SimCity, Suburbia will put you right at home. 1 to 4 players compete to see who can put their best urban planning foot forward!
    In Surbubia, players must balance long term investments against short term goals; can you afford to splash out for a Casino? Or will you succumb to financial pressure and build a Junkyard next to your Housing Projects? The winner is the person with...
  • (Feb2-8)Game of the week: Splendor

    All aboard's game of the week is Splendor!


    In this fast paced game of acquisition, 2-4 players take on the role of gem merchants - collecting precious stones, controlling trade routes, opening shops, and courting the patronage of various Renaissance nobles. The player whose business earns the most prestige wins the game!


    Splendor's most distinctive feature - other than the gorgeous and evocative card art - is the gems. These poker chip style tokens are deeply satisfying...

  • All Aboard @ Standing Theory
    What's better than a cup of aromatic coffee, awesome food and boardgames? Nothing!
    That's why All Aboard hooked up with Standing Theory in the first place. It was a new experience for both of us, as we were trying out our meals-on-board programme for the first time. 
    The even started out slow as the guests trickled in but soon after dinner, with full stomachs, the games began! Everyone was sipping their drinks and enjoying their tea & coffeee while comtemplating...
  • GRAB Burger Promo
    Working together with GRAB (Gourmet Ribs and Burgers) was an awesome experience. Delivery was on time and their tasty burgers satisfied even the most die hard critic.  We never realised how well burgers and boardgames went together till that day! 
    The first batch of gamers started trickling in around 2pm and it soon started to get packed by around 4.30pm and hit its peak near to 7pm. We apologise to those customers who came late and could not manage...
  • Sneak Preview Dec 2013
    Last Sunday was a hoot! We didn't expect so many to turn up, but it went well, and there was enough food for all. Thank you to all those that participated in the closed event, as well as those that came on the 3 days! 
    We found out that Coloretto seemed to attract one particular group who played it for nearly 3 hours straight, whereas the games like King of tokyo, Flash Point, Hanabi and Tzol'kin had their fans...
  • Unboxing Day 2013 [First Session]
    It's been an interesting day as the day started off with preparing the food and tables, along with the unboxing arrangements for the day. We were not sure what to expect, but our fears were set aside once the guests started coming in around 1pm. 
    Our master planner had already started off the first two guests with "Battlestar Galactica" and soon, he was expertly co-ordinating the rest of the guests with boxes and sleeving materials. To sweeten the experience,...
  • Unboxing Session Eve
    I can't wait for the new boardgames to come in. You can check out the list of rental games coming in for the unboxing session this weekend under "Rentals" on our website. Starwars and Rex are definitely coming to me first. I heard about some mana potions and health potions being prepared for the event. Not sure how its brewed, but i guess Mr. C will be the one to "beta test" it first. 
    At the same time, check...
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